Blank Slate Climbing Apex S2

Apex S2

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Blank Slate Climbing Apex S2

  • Kick your training up a notch by using this door-mounted training station.
  • Designed to fit in your doorway without having to remove the door!
  • Easy & quick assembly!
  • Adjustable incline to intensify your training as you progress.
  • Endless customizability!


  • Board is 3/4" plywood 8" x 29"
  • Fits doors with 28” to 34” inside dimensions
  • Maximum door frame width 6" (Please email for for questions on sizing)
  • Minimum of 2 inches needed from ceiling to top of door molding.
  • Weight limit: 210lbs
HOLDS SOLD SEPARATELY. Made in the USA. Patented.