Assembly Instructions

Disclaimer: Products may appear different than in pictures or videos.

For a video tutorial of the assembly process, please visit our Videos page, found here.

This instruction manual works for the following Blank Slate models: Apex S2, Apex S2-W, Apex L2, Apex L2-W

Tools Needed 

  1. 7/32 Hex Wrench (provided) 
  2. Wrench or adjustable wrench (not provided)

Parts Included: 

  • 1 x Mounting board
  • 2 x UBars
  • 2 x Paddles with padding
  • 8 x Bolts - 6 Countersunk bolts, 2 Button head bolts.
  • 8 X Lock Nuts
  • 2 X Bumpers and Pads
  • 1 X Hex Key 

STEP 1) Attach Bumper to U-Brackets Using the Hex Tool, two 2 1⁄4” Hex Countersunk bolts, and two nuts. Attach the bumper to the side of each of the U-Brackets that have 2 holes, as shown below. The nuts go on the opposite side of the U-Brackets than the side where the wood is. Choose which of the three holes to use. Tighten the bolts completely. Attach the padding to the bumpers. Changing the location of the bumper to a different hole will result in change of how the bumper sits on your doorframe and degree of incline on the board. We recommend using the top holes for initial set-up. 

STEP 2) Attach Mounting Plate to U-Brackets 

Before attaching the Mounting Plates, determine which slots the bolt should go by placing the U-bracket assembly in the doorway. For incline use the outermost hole (see picture below). 

Once the appropriate location in the slots is determined, 

1) Attach the Mounting Plates with two bolts, and two nuts. Do not tighten the plates fully. Bolt head should be on the side closest to the doorframe, the nut should be on the inside of the door frame (see picture below).This will prevent damage to the doorframe. 

STEP 3) Attach Blank Slate panel to U-Brackets 

Using two bolts, and two nuts, attach the Blank Slate panel to the U-Brackets on both sides of the board. T-nuts must must be on wall side. The T-nuts should not be visible while in use. 

STEP 4) Adjust Blank Slate Climbing Trainer to your preference 

Temporarily place the Blank Slate in the doorway and make any adjustments necessary: 

1) To ensure the Blank Slate is perpendicular to the floor, adjust the slot position of the bolts attached to the Mounting Plates. 

2) To adjust the height of the board, adjust the bolts attached to either the Bumper and/or the bolts that attach to the Blank Slate panel. Once all adjustments are made, firmly tighten all bolts. 

STEP 5) Install Holds, Training Boards, and Rings 

Install holds, hangboards, and accessories with a 3/8-16 bolt.  



-Check all bolts for tightness prior to every use. 

If T-nut slides out the back when trying to put the bolt in, putting a dab of glue between the T-nut and board should help. 

-Check that unit is securely positioned on the doorway.

-Inspect board to ensure there is no damage.

Training Guide 

Please visit this link for our Training Guide


Safe Use 

The Blank Slate Climbing Trainer is intended for controlled pull-ups and hanging exercises to increase forearm and finger strength. Children and teenagers must be supervised. It is not intended for more than one person at a time. 

The product is designed to flex slightly during climbing workout.

Product is not intended for leaping or jumping or bouncing. Responsible climbing suggested.


Blank Slate Climbing is not responsible for injury that occurs through reckless or improper usage.